Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN)

The Deaf Professional Arts Network ( was originally formed to make music and music culture - the predominant shared language and experience of people worldwide – universally accessible by extending its reach to the Deaf and hard of hearing. Since 2006, D-PAN has pioneered the art form of creating high-quality American Sign Language (ASL) music videos, translating the lyrics of popular songs through ASL.

At present, there are nearly 30 million Deaf/ hard of hearing people living in the United States who, despite their pronounced interest, have been largely excluded from meaningful real-time access to news and information.

Please join us as we create an exciting new venue, create new opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing artists and professionals—and as we reshape the way the world thinks about Accessibility.

visit our nonprofit site at

Be Sure to Check Out: DPAN.TV The SIgn Language Channel | DPAN.TV

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