I Am a Deaf Artist Redefining “Sound”

Born deaf, Christine Sun Kim uses technology, performance and drawing to investigate her relationship with sound and spoken languages.

"There’s different ways sound has an impact on the body. Sound doesn’t enter only through the ears. It can go through the full body and also your psyche."

"I like using the piano as a metaphor. Playing the piano is similar to ASL. When you put your pinky finger down that’s one note. Each finger has its separate notes, and all together you have 10 notes. So if you put them down at the same time, they become a chord. That’s like ASL. It’s not the same as English. It’s spatial, not linear. If you think of a facial expression as one note, then body movement as another note, then speed as another note, hand shape, placement, and so on — all these parts add up to convey the message. When you do it all simultaneously, it becomes a chord."

Source: I Am a Deaf Artist Redefining “Sound” | by Karen Frances Eng | TED Fellows

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